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Rare or Not mix 3

Третья порция самая эмоциональная и долгая, пока. Да, и я постоянно принимаю заявки на участие. Пишите, присылайте материал. Контакты сбоку.

Rare or Not mix 3

С участием:

Scribbler - Stanzas for music

Father Murphy – We were colonists

Bermuda Triangles – Pulse Emitting From Deep Space

Black Math - Walking at Night

Nervous Sex – Birth Crisis

Бензольные мертвецы – Сюжетно

Blood – Stay Down

Horse Gives Birth to Fly – Drunk on the Sand II

The Wicked Awesomes – Fighting the World with Spirit

The Dead Baron – Art is Dead

Cave Bears – Death is Not the End

Euhedral – Black Lights

Катя и СашаКолокола

V.I.K.I – Rez (Sonic Terror)

The O Voids – Friction Strip

Loa Loa – Альфа балапас

Front Bottoms – 4fb

Elks – Failure anatomy

Sunken Landscapes – Wurmholes

Two Years on Welfare – Eye of providence

Пост-материалисты – Колесо

Third edition is the most emotional and longest so far. Yeah, and I still accept submissions. Wright me and send your material. Contacts are on the right side here.

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