среда, 7 октября 2009 г.

Rare or Not mix 4


Наиболее панковский, мне кажется, микс получился. Оцените сами.

Black Math – Bottomless Sea
Daily Vomit – Identity
Velvet Chrome – Fuck Eyes
Arabian Horses – Untitled3
Shobu – Monitronika
Uragany – Putin
Twin Crystals – Blacked Out Face
Biblical Violence – ppplava
Skull Skull – 96 tears
Ovaria – Crash the Day
Kid Romance – I see my baby
Bright Creatures – Paper Trail
Mad Pilot – Wagon Full of Rednecks
Front Bottoms – Ghost Compartment
Brendan Haney & Carlos Tomas –Being Female and Folding a Shovel
Bestial Mouths – Skin Ripping Off
Gape Attack – Mask (demo)
The Process – Only the Mad and the Dead

This one seems to be the punkiest one. Check it out.


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